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Should Women Work Chest


The chest muscles are just like any other muscle group in the body in that they need to be trained effectively in order to become stronger and more defined.

Working your chest will strengthen your pectoral muscles and possibly give your breasts a more lifted appearance, all while adding lean, fat burning muscle.

What Are the Benefits of Training Chest for Women?

Greater Muscle Strength

Compound chest exercises such as the dumbbell chest press, push ups, and chest flys are excellent options for strengthening the pushing muscles of the upper body and developing a perkier chest.

Avoid Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances are created when you train certain parts of your body (arms, legs, core, etc.) more frequently and with greater intensity than other parts.

Over time, these imbalances can lead to bad posture, movement dysfunction, and potential injury.

Improve Arm Definition

The best chest exercises are also some of the best exercises to strengthen and define your core, shoulders and triceps since all three muscle groups are involved in upper body pushing exercises.

So not only does the look of your chest improve, but so does the appearance of your entire upper body.

Burn More Calories

The chest is one of the biggest muscle groups in the body. When you perform compound exercises using a large amount of muscle, you burn more calories during your workout than you would if you just performed a bunch of isolation exercises, such as kickbacks and side laterals.

Train chest for an added calorie burn and metabolic boost!

Greater Functional Fitness

Pushing is a functional movement, meaning we do it in our everyday lives.

Your chest is involved in every type of pushing movement you do, from pushing a door open to throwing a punch at kickboxing class. Training your chest will make you stronger in these everyday activities.


Your chest is a major muscle group and should be trained as often as every other muscle group in your body if you want it to become stronger and more defined. Performing the chest press, or any other pushing exercise will improve your physique, posture, and self-confidence.

All of our Surge Fit and Surge Strength workouts include a chest track to define your upper body, create a balanced workout, improve functional fitness, and toke up the calorie burn and your metabolic rate.

Feel the Surge!

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